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Do you want to own your own land?

More and more people want to buy their own plot of land.  The demand for small plots of land has never been greater but the number of small plots coming on the market has fallen and the price has gone through the roof.  Land prices escalate dramatically as the size of the plot reduces.

Recent details taken from a local Estate Agent clearly shows the problem of buying small parcels of land.

1.72 acres of land for sale for £20,000. This equates to £11,627 per acre.  At the same time 56 acres of land were advertised for £200,000 equating to £3,571 per acre.

Anyone wishing to buy a small area of land should register on this web site.  As soon as there is sufficient interest in a particular region then a large plot of land will be purchased.  This large area will then be divided into small parcels and new title deeds produced.  You will then own a small piece of land at a fraction of what you could have been charged.

If you are thinking about buying land, from a small allotment of 250 square metres to a 5 acre field this is the site for you.  By joining together with like minded people this will give you huge economies of scale and allow you to buy the land of your dreams at a price that will keep your bank manager happy.

Simply register your interest on this site and let us know the region in which you are looking to buy and the area of land that you may be interested in buying.  We will then add your request to all of the others until we have sufficient interest in a particular region.  We will then identify suitable sites for sale and advise all interested parties of the options and the prices.  At this point  you will need to pay for your land.  Payment will go to our solicitors (not us) who will then finalise the purchase and then create new title deeds for each plot of land.  Within a few short weeks you will receive your deeds and take up ownership of your land.  All that we ask is that each bit of land be securely fenced.  This can be completed by yourself or using a contractor (we can sort all of that out for you)

That is all there is to it.  A simple, inexpensive and painless way to become a landowner so that you can start to live the good life. A field of your own for you, your children, your grandchildren

Register now to let us know the region you wish to buy in and the area of land that you would be interested in.  We will keep you informed with our newsletter about the numbers of people in your area and any news or articles of interest.

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Please note: This web site is for those wishing to buy and use land for its primary purpose and NOT for those hoping to build houses

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